June 20, 2018

Congressman Courtney Brings News of $8 Million Contract for Essex Firm

Bell Power President Martin Bell, Congressman Joe Courtney and Essex First Selectman Norman Needleman

Congressman Joe Courtney came to Essex on April 30 to announce that an Essex based machine company has been awarded an $8 million contract to rebuild diesel engines for the U.S. Army.

Recipients of this welcome work order is Bell Powers Systems, which is located in an industrial park on Plains Road in Essex.  On hand to receive the Congressman was Martin A. Bell, President of Bell Powers Systems, and Essex First Selectman Norman Needleman.

Bell Power worker at reconfigured Yellow Godwin water pump

Company President Bell said that the new contract was an extension of an earlier contract, and was most welcome.  He estimated that work on the Army contract could take as much as four years to complete, and it will mean the continued employment of five workers. The company presently has 63 employees at its Essex headquarters, and does $60 million a year in business.

Bell Power worker at refigured Red Hole fire pump

The company also has an inventory of 1,200 engines, which vary in size from four to 600 horsepower and operates out of a 56,000 square foot building in the Essex industrial area.

Authorized distributor for John Deere and Yanmar

Bell Power is the authorized distributor of two of the world’s largest engine manufactures, John Deere and Yanmar. The essence of Bell Power’s business is that it takes engines that it gets from John Deere and Yanmar and reconfigures and provides value added components so that they fit the specifications that are required by the end user.

Bell Power's distributors' logos on display at company headquarters

Once Bell Power has reconfigured the engines to meet customer specifications, they are sold through the company’s service dealer network, who in turn sells the engines packages to the end users.

Reconfigured engine in high heat testing chamber

As for its marketing area, Bell Powers is the authorized distributor for John Deere diesel engines for all of New England, as well as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and a part of West Virginia.  It is also the authorized Yanmar Industrial Engine distributor for all of New England, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and most of New York.

After the brief announcement ceremony, Bell Systems President Martin Bell made the point that it was small businesses, such as his, that are most important to growing the nation’s economy.