December 20, 2014


Advertising rates are based on the row in which your adverts appears, with row 1 (nearest the top of the page) being most expensive, and rows nearer the bottom of the page being less expensive.  The rates are also more expensive if you have exclusive use of the ad space (i.e. you ad is showing 100% of the time) and less expensive if you share your ad space with one other advert (i.e. your ad will be showing 50% of the time).

The rates quoted below are based on a one-month advertising commitment.  We will be happy to quote for shorter or longer periods, and we offer increasing discounts for longer commitments and additional discounts if you also place your advert in or

We can help with the design of your advert, and for simple adverts there is no additional charge.

Please call us at 860-434-0130 or e-mail us at to discuss your special requirements.

Ad Location



use of space

with 1 other advert

Row 1



Row 2



Row 3



Row 4



Rows 5 through 15
in rotation, always visible