July 1, 2022

Deep River Planning & Zoning Commission Public Information Session

The Planning & Zoning Commission of Deep River is holding a public information session on Wednesday, September 22nd at 7:30 pm at Town Hall to introduce the concept of Village Districts in Deep River.

Village Districts, authorized by Connecticut General Statute 8-2j, gives municipalities a tool to protect the character of their villages or other identified distinctive areas.  Such districts are to be located in areas of “distinctive character, landscape or historic value”.  Deep River’s Town Plan of Conservation and Development calls for the establishment of Village Districts or zones, specifying the areas of town to be considered. 

Furthermore, the Town Plan sets goals of maintaining the small town character of Deep River and enhancing the pedestrian nature of Deep River Center, encouraging development compatible in scale and style, incorporating features in keeping with the historic character of the town.

The Regulations & Planning Committee of the Planning & Zoning Commission formed a sub-committee of its members, other interested Deep River property owners, and the Connecticut River Estuary Regional Planning Agency late in 2007.  Over two and a half years of work, the Village District Sub-Committee studied the enabling statutes and the goals of the Town Plan of Conservation and Development and considered  the ways in which Village District zoning regulations could preserve the character of Deep River.  The Sub-Committee met with small groups of property owners for input and has now drafted a framework of regulations.

On September 22nd, the Village District Sub-Committee will explain how Village District zoning, unlike other zoning, allows a Zoning Commission to consider “the design, relationship and compatibility of structures, plantings, signs … and other objects in public view”.  It will present the regulations which it has drafted and seek public comments.

After the information session, the Village District Sub-Committee will return to the drafting table and incorporate what it has heard from the public.  It is anticipated a Public Hearing will be held early in 2011 to hear testimony regarding proposed regulations, before action by the Planning & Zoning Commission.

For more information, contact
Cathie Jefferson, Zoning Enforcement Officer 860-526-6030
Nancy Fischbach, Chairman, Village District Sub-Committee 860-767-8745