May 27, 2020

Essex Harbor Management Commission to Consider Resident’s Proposal on Boat Moorings

Space is available for five more private moorings off the Pettipaug Yacht Club, but the permittees for these moorings have failed to use them.

ESSEX— The harbor management commission has agreed to consider a resident’s proposal to suspend town mooring field privileges for boat owners who do not use the mooring for an entire season.

Jerome Wilson presented his proposed “use it or lose it” rule to the panel at a meeting last week. Wilson, a retired lawyer and newsman who has lived in town for 11 years, said a survey he conducted in late July of the Meadows mooring field on the south side of the town harbor found seven of 29 mooring spots completely empty.

Wilson, a former boat owner, contends the unused moorings at the Meadows mooring field and at two other mooring fields managed by the commission are unfair to the more than 40 people on a waiting list for a town mooring. He proposed that boat owners who do not use their designated spot for an entire boating season should be disqualified from renewal of the annual mooring permit and placed on the waiting list for future available moorings.

Wilson noted the town’s mooring permit regulations specify a mooring is intended for the active use of the permitee. “Not putting a mooring in the water for an entire season certainly does not constitute active use,” he said.

Wilson said the panel has agreed to consider his proposed rule, either as a change to the current regulations or in a new written policy. Wilson said he is satisfied with the commission’s response to his proposal.