September 28, 2020

Scarecrows Put on a Show Down Essex’s Main Street

Officially it’s the Second Annual Scarecrow Festival, and the sponsor is the Essex Board of Trade. Unofficially, it’s a street long collection of fun and frightening figures, carefully strung up on almost every lamppost in town.
“People love it” says Jim D’Alessio, President of the Essex Board of Trade, “We even had two busloads come down from Newport (R.I.) just to see it,” he says. D’Alessio, in addition to being the driving force behind the festival, is the proprietor of J.Alden Clothiers, located in the middle of Main Street.
Saying that he is “constantly thrilled” with the success of the event, D”Alessio notes that a lot of work went into its preparation, including two workshops on building scarecrows, as well as the insertion of “how to” flyers sent home in children’s  backpacks. 

All told, there over seventy scarecrow visitors now hanging along the streets of Essex. Halloween is October 31st, and shortly thereafter they’ll all come down.

As for the scarecrows themselves …..