October 1, 2020

Signs of the times, on a lawn near you

They’re everywhere. Or, so it seems. Remember the days when the only thing you saw on front lawns was beautiful plantings, flowers, decorative figures, and impeccably mowed grass.

But what have we now? Our lawns have become a battle ground for the November elections. First to stake her claim on the lawn scene, at least in Essex, was Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon. Clearly, there was money available for wide installation. 

Next in bloom were the lawn signs of Janet Peckinpaugh and Neil Nichols, Republican candidates for Congress and State Senate. Also, visible were letterings for Tom Foley and Mark Boughton, Republican candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.  Signs for Anselmo Delia for Judge of Probate were also in view.

Where were the Democrats? In this year of Tea Party politics, were they afraid, or too ashamed, to show their public offerings? But then, finally, the lawn signs for the Democratic ticket came into full bloom.

Leading the lawn poster parade were the signs of Democratic State Senator Eileen Daily. In fact, her signs for re-election were so prevalent; you almost felt she was leading the ticket. Still absent were the signs of the Democratic Senate candidate, Richard Blumenthal? Was he running as a stealth candidate?

Then, finally, in a late season blooming, on came the Democrats in full force, and the two-party system that we have in this country had been reaffirmed.  Up went the signs for Blumenthal for Senate, Joe Courtney for Congress, Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, and Terry Lomme for Judge of Probate.  

Here are some views of the poster war:

Linda leads the way

Peckinpaugh and Nichols stake a claim

Anselno Delia joins them

On come the Democrats

Finally Blumenthal appears