July 1, 2022

Two Coots in a Canoe Book Signing at Essex Books

Essex Books will be hosting a book signing by David Morine, author of “Two Coots in a Canoe” who will be signing his book on Wednesday, Oct. 13, noon-1pm.

A journey of whim, humor, and self-discovery along the Connecticut River…

When retired CEO Ramsay Peard, 61, called his old friend David Morine, 59, and asked the longtime conservationist if he wanted to canoe the Connecticut River, Morine said he’d do it under one condition: no camping. “We’ll rely on the kindness of strangers.” And that’s what they did. Mooching their way down the river and staying with strangers every night, Morine and Peard got an inside look at such issues as the demise of farming, the loss of manufacturing, gay rights, and Wal-Mart versus Main Street, and they were able to delve deep into the lives of complete strangers. But Morine soon realized the one life he never dug into was Peard’s. After spending a month with him in a canoe, he had no idea that his friend’s innermost thoughts had taken a fateful course.

Written in the tradition of Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, this book will be treasured by conservationists, canoeists, and old friends still seeking a thrill. Everyone else will be delightfully entertained.

About the Author: David E. Morine is a Boston-area native who was the head of land acquisition for The Nature Conservancy from 1972 to 1990. He is the author of five books, including Good Dirt: Confessions of a Conservationist; Vacationland: A Half Century Summering in Maine; and Small Claims: My Little Trials in Life. He lives in Great Falls, Virginia.