July 1, 2022

Essex Town Meeting to Act on Appropriations and Appointments

ESSEX— Voters will act on six appropriations and more than two dozen appointments and reappointments to town boards and commissions at a town meeting Monday. The meeting, called the annual town meeting because the agenda also includes approval of the annual town report, begins at 7 p.m. in the auditorium at town hall.

The requested appropriations, which have already received approval from the board of finance, include $3,450 from a park and recreation sinking fund, $16,408 from a wastewater study sinking fund. Requested supplemental additional appropriations include $33,796 for the town clerk’s office, $41,646 for legal services, $68,462 for police services, and $32,815 for the grants and special appropriations account.

The town meeting will also be asked to confirm several appointments and reappointments made by First Selectman Phil Miller, including Charles Colson, Daniel Lapman and alternate Stephen Knauth for the inland-wetlands commission, Carla Feroni and alternates Robert Laundy, Neil Nichols, and Claire Tiernan for the planning commission, and Douglas Demerast and Jeffrey Lovelace for the conservation commission. All of these are reappointments.

Miller has also appointed five members of the retirement committee, a panel that supervises the retirement funds for town employees, including a pension incentive program for members of the Essex Volunteer Fire Department. Reappointed to the committee are Carl Ellison, a former first selectman, Paul Fazzino, the fire chief, Jim Francis, chairman of the board of finance, and Ellen Wexler. Recommended by Miller for appointment is Selectman Norman Needleman, who would replace Linda Savitsky, who has been serving as chairwoman of the committee.

The town meeting will also be asked to confirm several reappointments made by the board of selectmen at an Oct. 20 meeting, including John Beveridge, William Foster, Alan Kerr,and David Winstead for the economic development commission, Jeffrey Going, Joseph Zaraschi and alternate Earl Fowler for the harbor management commission,  Hope Proctor and alternate Jim Hill for the zoning commission, and  Stuart Ingersoll and Alex Walmsley for the zoning board of appeals. Ingersoll is the longtime chairman of the ZBA.

Additional reappointments requiring approval include Alvin Wolfgram for the sanitary waste commission and water pollution control authority, and four members of the park and recreation commission, Michael Holmes, James Rawn, Jack Spangler, and alternate Edward Burleson. Holmes is the current chairman of the park and recreation commission. The town meeting will also be asked to confirm two reappointments to the tree committee, Adrienne Brochu and Mark Pratt.

Voters will also be asked to approve the annual town report for the  2009-2010 fiscal year that ended last June 30.