July 4, 2022

Local Business Imports Olive Oil from Italy

Lisa Tiezzi, founder of Tiezzi Imports LLC

In 2008 local Chester resident Lisa Tiezzi decided she would try and bring a bit of Italy back home.  While on vacation in Tuscany, over a glass of vino, a friend casually asked if she would be interested in importing their olive oil into the USA.

Two years later, as well as being a wife, a mother and a realtor, Tiezzi now also runs her own import company, Tiezzi Imports LLC, which specializes in importing Tutti Amici, a cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany for distribution in Connecticut. “What an amazing transformation my life has taken” Tiezzi says,”but I am enjoying this ride!”

Tutti Amici is produced in a small Tuscan hill town. The manufacturer prides himself on keeping with tradition and using the “cold” press method to remove the skins from the olives. By washing with cold water instead of hot, the olives keep their wonderful taste and nutrients intact. Another benefit of  Tutti Amici is that the oil is only “slightly” filtered, leaving all of the valuable properties for your enjoyment…so if it is cloudy after settling, just give it a good shake and enjoy the flavor!  Tutti Amici’s oil is extracted in Italy from Italian olives, using a large stone wheel.

Since deciding to import Tutti Amici, Tiezzi has been researching the benefits of consuming cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. “It has been an extremely interesting learning experience for me,” Tiezzi says, “recent studies and findings related to the possible risk reduction of colon cancer, breast cancer, heart disease and dementia are astounding. Studies have also been recorded that cold pressed extra virgin olive oil may also reduce cholesterol”.

Tiezzi now imports around 400 cases/year which she sells on her website (www.tiezziimports.com) and in 18 small boutique shops around Connecticut. They also have small bottles for wedding favors and leather, wood and metal boxes for unique olive oil gifts both personal and corporate. “Our goal is to become a national brand in the USA! You must taste Tutti Amici to appreciate great Italian olive oil” says Tiezzi.

Among the gifts you will find on their website are “Pinzimonio”. These fabulous white ceramic dipping dishes are hand made in Italy.  Designed with the terraced hills of Tuscany in mind, these dishes accept the olive oil a bit deeper in the center making the color of the oil go from darker to lighter as it rises up the grooves.  They are simply wonderful…a great design that goes well with Tutti Amici cold pressed extra virgin olive oil!

Tutti Amici olive oil and gifts can be purchased from their website or from several local stores, including Adams Supermarket and El & Ela in Deep River, Ceramica, The Local Beet, The Wheatmarket and The Herbery in Chester, and  The Weekend Kitchen, The French Hen  and Gather in Essex/Ivoryton.