July 5, 2022

Shoppers pleased with new Adams Market in Deep River

The new Adams Homemarket in Deep River

Bigger, better, with many new items to choose from, the new Adams supermarket in Deep River is off to a good start. Jeffrey Prindle, Store Manager of the new Adams Hometown Market, exudes confidence. “Business is going up,” is the way he puts it.

Located smack in the middle of the Town of Deep River, just across from the Town Hall and the new Walgreen’s pharmacy, the new Adams market added 3,500 square feet to the store’s original 20,000 square foot print. To do so it swallowed up some small shops that were its neighbors.

Indicating the importance of the new Deep River market to the Adams brand, Store Manager Prindle previously served as a District Manager, overseeing no less than nine Adams stores. Now he is concentrating solely on the Adams store in Deep River, and nothing else.

Store Manager Prindle (left) with Bakery Manager Hill (right)

Intense and hardworking, with a broad smile to go with it, Prindle is the epitome of someone who never stops working.  In addition to the 14 hours a day that he typically puts in at the store, he endures a very long commute to his home in Woodstock, Connecticut.

Prindle’s commitment to his job appears all consuming. “I get paid very well,” he says, which may have something to do with his work ethic.

Prindle reels off with pride the new departments at the store. Among them is a new gourmet cake section, which he calls his “decadent space.” The cakes are part of a Bakery Department run by Bakery Manager Jeffrey Hill, which features 20 different kinds of baked goods.

The “decadent space” of gourmet cakes

There is rye bread, which the store bakes from scratch, as well as other baked goods, which arrive at the store half cooked, and whose baking is finished in house.

These “baked-off” goods include bagels, muffins, rolls, artesian bread and six varieties of Ciabatta bread. The only down side for Hill is that he has to get to the store at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, so that he can bake the daily bread.

Other new wrinkles at the store include a dressed-up olive bar, and a “cheese island” that rivals that of Zabar’s in New York City. Also, there is a newly upgraded deli, which sells only top brand, Boars Head Meats.

Seafood is always popular in our Connecticut River valley communities, and Deep River is no exception. To meet this need the new store features fish, “fresh from the docks,” in Prindle’s words.

“Fish, fresh from the dock”

At 7:00 a.m. each morning, the store calls Connecticut Shell in Branford and puts in the day’s order for fish. This order is then delivered to the store between noon and two p.m., and is immediately put out for sale.

Although Prindle maintains, “We have a very good turnover,” usually there are some leftovers. These are sold a second day as well. Then, on the third day that the fish are in the store, it is wrapped and put in a self service section. If the fish does not sell there for one more day, it is discarded.

Reportedly, fresh salmon is far and away the most popular fish. As for live lobsters, the store will cook them for you, a new service.

Floral Department Manager Belinda Prindle

Also, the new Adams store has a spiffed-up Floral Department, headed by Belinda Prindle. She has introduced three new kinds of long lasting, premium roses and makes custom floral arrangements a specialty.

There is also a larger Meat Department, headed by Bob Shove, who is stocking in some very special, prime meats for the holidays. .

Other new innovations include a new “organic produce selection,” and a new, prepared food section featuring, “meal replacements.” Also, there is a new sushi bar.

All told Prindle says the new Adams store has over 3,000 new grocery items and 30 to 40 different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

30 different kinds of fruits and vegtables every day

Deep River’s First Selectman Dick Smith must be very pleased with the positive economic development impact of the new Adams store. According to Prindle, the store has added six new full-time, and 25 to 30 new part-time, positions to the staff at the new store in Deep River.