August 3, 2020

Digging out after the Storm

Over a foot of new snow fell overnight during first big snow storm of the year

After the first big snow storm to hit the region this winter local residents are faced with the task of digging themselves out from as much as two feet of new snow.  Most areas along the shore got more than 12″of new snow, and some got nearly two feet, in addition to several inches of snow from earlier snowfalls during the weekend. 

Many local businesses were closed for the day and Gov. Dannel Malloy announced that all non-essential State employees who work the first shift should stay at home. 

Region 4, Region 18, Old Saybrook and East Lyme public schools were all closed for the day and most scheduled Town meetings have been cancelled.

Snowplows were out all night in most areas

Snow removal crews were out all night trying to stay ahead of the storm.  I-95 was passable but deserted, with only the occassional snowplow or truck on the highway at 9am today.

I-95 deserted at 9am this morning

As the the last few flurries of the storm pass through the area, residents are now faced with the task of digging themselves out.