July 4, 2022

Lyme Academy College Welcomes Volunteers from the Community


Approaching from the south, Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts stands proudly on the left-hand side of Lyme Street immediately before the I 95 overpass.

“The College believes the fine arts are of unique importance as a defining, substantive element of society, and life itself ; further that educated artists are individuals who not only articulate their culture, but who give shape and substance to that culture”


Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts is an accredited college offering a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in painting, sculpture, drawing and illustration, as well as a three-year Certificate, and a Post Baccalaureate Certificate. The College also hosts a variety of Continuing Education courses including a Pre-college program for high school students. 

Having transitioned from an academy to an accredited, degree-granting college some 14 years ago, the College is gaining national prominence with graduates who are shaping the future of art across the country.  

Volunteers work with staff in this creative environment to provide support in many ways, including:

  • Public relations
  • Computer and database support
  • Special event planning and development
  • Cataloguer/archivist
  • Art store assistant
  • Library assistant
  • Receptionist 

For a complete list of volunteer opportunities, visit www.lymeacademy.edu

The College welcomes community members who would like to support the production of art through volunteer efforts.  Administrative staff will work with you to tailor your role to fit both your interest, and your schedule. 

Mother and daughter Insuk (standing) and Kiana Hainsworth are long-time volunteers at the College.

Volunteers representing a wide spectrum of ages currently work at the College.  Mother and daughter Insuk and Kiana Hainsworth of Lyme have been volunteering at the College for some two years.  They work – sometimes together and other times alone – in a variety of administrative capacities.  Insuk took on a key role for the 2010 annual Scholarship Party – , the College’s biggest fundraising event – when she chaired the mailing list committee for the event. 

Insuk comments, “Through volunteering, I have made friends with many of the staff, all of whom are accessible and make the College a very positive environment.  I love the exhibition artwork and the chance to support the students, who produce exceptionally high quality and reasonably priced work.

”She adds, “The College is beautiful and intimate – I am on a first name basis with the College President and pretty much everyone else on campus.”   Bringing her daughter on board has also been a positive experience for Insuk, who says of 17-year-old Kiana, “She is very comfortable at the College, and has helped with the Scholarship Party, as well as the opening receptions for the six or so exhibitions the College has each year.” 

Opening receptions for art shows at the College are not only popular, but also offer a number of volunteer opportunities for members of the community.

The Chauncey Stillman and Sill House Galleries at the College are open to the public with free admission from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  Similarly, all exhibition opening receptions are open to the public and campus tours are available at any time.

For further information about volunteer opportunities or the volunteer program in general, contact Ann de Selding, Director of Alumni and Volunteer Relations, at 860-434-3571, ext. 117, or email adeselding@lymeacademy.edu   

For further information about the College, call Joanne Donaghue at 860-434-3571, ext. 125, or visit www.lymeacademy.edu