July 4, 2022

Message from Tom Marsh: Help needed with snow removal in Chester!

Good Morning,

North Main Streer Sign (photo courtesy of Tom Marsh)

They say this is one for the record books, and I believe them. As you know the weather wizards were a little off yesterday as to when the snow would start and how much we would get. The 5 PM start time was actually 9:30 AM and the 6 to 9 inches turned into 14 to 18. Because of the early start our crews have been working since 5am Wednesday. Except for short breaks they have been working straight through. The volume of snow has taken its toll on our vehicles as well. Though all are in service, minor repairs taking them off the road for an hour here and an hour and a half there haven’t helped the situation.

The bottom line is this is an extraordinary situation, and there is no cavalry coming to the rescue. The state as well as every contractor with equipment is out working. If you happen to own a commercial dump truck or a loader and would like to help in the effort please contact the town hall at 526-0013 ext. 202. If leaving a message please provide your name, phone number, and equipment, including model number. We will compile the list and develop a plan of attack.

Our town crew of three, assisted by several outside contractors are working first to make roads passable, meaning in many places one lane. The main goal is to make certain our emergency vehicles can get through the town roads.  Next we will be pushing back what we can to widen the roads. Given the volume of snow that was in place before the storm, there is little room for widening. We will be sanding, and finally digging out with payloaders and trucking the snow. Our standard dump sites are about full so we will have to truck the snow further, making the time between trips longer. 

Main Street, Chester (photo courtesy of Tom Marsh)

As I mentioned after the first storm we know a mailbox or two is going to get smashed and we will be plowing snow back into shoveled driveways. Town vehicles are not available to plow driveways, and sidewalks are not expected to be passable for a day or two.

  • If you do have a medical emergency call 911, we do have plans in place to coordinate a response with fire, ambulance, police and public works vehicles.
  • Remember to keep a passage clear to your oil or gas tank so deliveries are possible.
  • I am sure the mailmen would appreciate the help of shoveling out your mailbox (if you can find it…mine went missing this morning).
  • If you have elderly neighbors or know of anyone else that may have a need or just a person to talk to, give them a call.
  • If you are heading out to the market ask a neighbor if they need anything. Little stuff like that can go a long way. 

I have attached a link for the 9 am Dept of Emergency Mgt. and Homeland Security weather update showing some snow totals. Looking at the NOAA website, Friday, Saturday and next Tuesday all call for a chance of snow. At this rate school won’t be out until the 4th of July.

A sense of humor can go a long way on days like this.