November 21, 2018

Braving the cold Peckingaugh and Miller vote early in today’s House election

It was a cold, cold election day, but that did not stop Republican Janet Peckingpaugh and Democrat Phil Miller from casting their ballots early in their race for State Representative in the 36th House district.

In fact, it was a very cold 15 degrees, when at 8:30 a.m. Peckinpaugh cast her ballot at Essex Town Hall. Miller, who also lives in Essex, said that he had voted at 7:00 a.m.

Number one on Peckinpaugh’s agenda is voting against Governor Dan Malloy’s proposed new taxes. “The first thing that I am going to do is to vote against any new taxes,” she said, “Our people are hurting, and they can’t afford them.”

Miller for his part pointed out that the Governor’s tax proposals are “only a starting point.” “It is up to the legislature,” he said, that ultimately approves new taxes. However, he cautioned, “Everyone is going to feel some discomfort,” when the tax questions are resolved in Hartford.

Peckinpaugh is also opposed to the Governor’s call for new taxes on boaters in the state. She fears that state residents will buy and maintain their boats out of state, if new boat taxes are enacted.

Miller’s response is that the district has “world class nautical merchants,” and he is confident that they will continue to maintain that position. He also called attention to the new system of pump out boats, which was an innovation that began in Essex, he said. 

Peckinpaugh also does not think it is a good idea for Miller to continue to hold his present the job of First Selectman of Essex, if he is elected as a State Representative. “People will get a short shrift,” if he does so, she said.

For his part Miller said that he owed to the people in Essex who elected him to finish his term as First Selectman. That term comes its end this November.