September 24, 2022

Common Sense for Hartford

To the Editor:

I’ve read with interest the many comments regarding the upcoming special election for the 36th District State Representative.  On February 22nd voters will be asked to select one of two well-spoken and well-liked candidates.  However, this is not a popularity contest, nor is it an election for a town first selectman, and the outcome will determine whether we have a voice for reductions in spending or whether we continue to have out of control spending in our state. 

Connecticut is in dire financial straits as evidenced by the recent budget proposal put forward by the Governor.  We have massive unfunded liabilities, a very high per/capita tax burden and jobs are leaving Connecticut, relocating to of all places, our neighbor to the north that used to be called Taxachussetts! 

We cannot afford to continue spending and imposing taxes on those few areas of the economy that still provide jobs and industry in our region of the Connecticut River Valley.  Increased income taxes, increased sales taxes, and the proposal to increases taxes on various segments of the boating industry will move more jobs and more money out of state.  These changes will be especially onerous to the towns of Chester, Deep River, Essex and Haddam, all beneficiaries of boating and tourism that will be severely reduced as expenses increase.  We will not be able to compete with our neighboring states if they have lower costs for boat storage, maintenance and repair.  

Janet Peckinpaugh is the one candidate who has spoken about cutting state spending and about not increasing taxes or fees.  Janet has also spoken about streamlining state services, reducing costs while improving those services through the use of technology.

 Janet, as a reporter, is accustomed to digging deep for the facts and making informed decisions.  She has years of experience running a business and has a clear understanding of what it takes to create a business friendly, job creating environment. 

Please join me in voting for real change in our state and bringing fiscal conservatism and common sense to Hartford.


John Ackermann
Essex, CT