November 28, 2021

Daily pleased with new commuter rail cars; commuter advocacy group praises state officials

State Senator Daily and the CT Rail Commuter Council, a state commuter advocacy group, both had words of praise for state officials, who have just put into service a brand new rail car on the New Haven line. 

Acknowledging “sometimes frustrating delays,” Senator Daily said, “We look forward to taking delivery of additional new cars soon, with safe and comfortable rides to and from New York.” She added, “The timetable for running M-8 trains for Shore Line East passengers remains uncertain, but my understanding is that an extra measure of patience will be rewarded, when we’re able to ride these new trains at last.”

CT Rail Commuter Council Chairman Jim Cameron

Commuter Council Chairman Jim Cameron, who rode on the first M-8 train in service from Stamford to Grand Central, said, “I personally congratulate the Metro North and Connecticut Department of Transportation officials … They  deserve a lot of credit for their diligence in testing these cars and finally getting them in service.”

Cameron noted that originally it was hoped that the new cars would be in service in 2009, which then slipped into 2010, and now into early 2011. However, he said, “With the first of eight cars having passed their 4,000 error-free miles of testing, the hope is that more trains sets will be added in coming months.” 

According to the commuter group chairman, the builder of the new rail cars, the Japanese firm, Kawasaki, “is supposed to deliver ten new cars per month, and Metro North estimates that 80 cars will be in service by the end of 2011.” “But it will be three years before all 380 of the new cars are delivered,“ he said.

Accounting for the delay in bringing the new cars into service, Senator Daily said that some of it can be “readily explained by the transition from Governor Rell’s administration to Governor Malloy’s.” Also, she cited as reasons for the delay, the “testing of new M-8 rail cars,” and “ironing out problems of new cars on old tracks.”

View more pictures of new car’s first official train ride below (courtesy of  the CT Rail Commuter Council), including a photo of the new bathroom on the train.