July 4, 2022

Rep. Phil Miller Calls For Labelling of Genetically Modified Food

State Representative Phil Miller (Essex, Chester, Deep River and Haddam) announced that consumer friendly legislation that would label products containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) passed the state legislature’s Environment Committee.

“Connecticut consumers deserve to know what they are buying,” said Miller. “I have heard from many folks, especially parents, who are concerned because we just don’t know what the long term effects from GMOs might be. This bill simply provides consumers with information so they may make an informed purchase.”

The legislation (SB 1116) would require products containing GMOs to be labeled if sold in Connecticut. The Commissioner of Environmental Protection and Commissioner of Consumer Protection would be responsible for label content and form.

Miller noted that five countries in the European Union currently ban GMOs.

GMOs are products that have been genetically modified at the cellular level to increase yields and resist disease.  DNA molecules from different sources are combined into one molecule to create a new set of genes. This DNA is then transferred into an organism, giving it modified genes.

The bill will make its way to the full legislature for a vote in the coming weeks.

Miller, a Democrat, is the newest member of the Environment Committee. He was elected on February 22nd in a special election to represent the 36th Assembly District of Essex, Chester, Deep River and Haddam.