July 4, 2022

Chester Community Clean Up Day

Saturday, April 23 will be Chester’s 4th annual Chester Clean Up day. Chester Land Trust will provide coffee & donuts at the Carini Preserve from 10 am to Noon,  – bags will be provided to anyone who would like to pick up road side trash or trash from Chester’s beautiful parks. 

You can help as part of a group or on your own. If your organization would like to help as a group we can assign an area, and direction. For example we need mulch spread at a couple of locations in town; we provide the mulch you provide the effort. A big help that is simple to do is take a walk around your end of town on the 23rd and pick up roadside trash along the way. You can use your own trash bag, or pick up free bags as noted above.

We do ask that you call us at 526-0013 x. 202 and let us know if and where you leave a bag of trash on the side of the road. Our town crew will come by Monday and pick it up. In past years we have picked up a dump truck load of trash on clean-up day!