December 6, 2019

Essex Town Budget II

Letter To The Editor:

It appears that Democrat Extremists are coming apart at the seams. They can’t handle the fact that a large group of non-partisan residents of Essex voted down the budget that, amongst other things, gave our Selectmen a pay raise at a time when many of our neighbors are suffering. We have one hundred and forty homes with liens, our seniors have not had a cost of living increase in over two years and the number of people in our town on food stamps has increased by ninety-eight percent.

This is not a political issue for those who voted down the budget. It is an ETHICAL issue. Democrat Town leaders seem unable to grasp this and appear inordinately annoyed that anyone should have the audacity to question their budget as it stood-before being voted down. The citizens of Essex have every right to ask questions and make comments. Since the budget was sent back to the drawing board, Democrat Extremists have picked-up their pitchforks and launched a campaign of lies and deceit against the citizens of this town who dared to question their wisdom.
There is so much nonsense in Mr. James’ letter that it is hard to know where to begin. His comments are replete with gross misrepresentations and downright lies.

It is the Selectmen who called for the referendum that will cost over five-thousand dollars. They knew that if they had initiated another paper ballot, they would have lost again.  By having a referendum, they have time to rally their loyal subjects – by making false accusations in their phone calls, emails and letters.  When they scare  them about the EES, the Library and our Firefighters, I wonder, do they remind them that they had given themselves a pay raise at a time when many of their neighbors are in financial trouble? I doubt that they do.

Mr. Jonathan James claims that a concerned Citizens group is contacting residents who are in rest homes. This is a fallacy, but reveals a well known political campaign strategy practiced by Democrat operative.   Our seniors have been faced with substantive tax and cost of living increases and do not need to be used by Democrat extremists for political reasons.

It is particularly galling that James credits Miller with the Essex Credit Rating improvement. Once again, truth eludes him. AAA Credit rating accrues to a Town which maintains a Rainy Day Fund at or above 10% of its annual Budget. Credit for this achievement goes directly to our Town Treasurer who has fought long and hard to get our Rainy Day fund over the 10% threshold. He had initiated this effort before Miller became First Selectman.  Miller is now proud of our Credit Rating and taking the credit.

Mr. James’ comment that “these people” do not contribute to the town is not only wrong, it is condescending. This type of gibberish makes people who are generous with their time talent and money wish to take their talents and dollars elsewhere.

The most ludicrous comment is how well our town is now managed. One after another of our highly qualified town employees have been terminated or forced-out. As a result, we are engaged in a series of defensive actions brought by several of these employees and are facing significant penalties. Even a cursory review of the year over year growth of our legal expenses will show a problem that is growing-not improving. In addition, several of our employees no longer talk directly to our First Selectman – preferring e-mail only. Unfortunately, we no longer have a team in our town government but rather a group of fiefdoms that are forced to drink from a poisoned well. 


Alison Nichols,
Essex, CT