September 30, 2020

Freeing Ourselves from a 10,000 Year-Old Story

DEEP RIVER– The Earth Charter Community of the Lower Valley, Inc. will host a Public Talk by Author Philip Shepherd entitled “Freeing Ourselves from a 10,000 Year-Old Story” on Thursday, May 19  5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Deep River Public Library.

If we were to consider the towering crises faced by the 21st century and trace them to their roots, we would find that each of them leads back to the same cultural force: the one that tells us who we are.  Our culture’s vision of what it means to be human seeps into us from infancy – and it presents reality as bits and pieces that cannot be felt as a whole.  Our culture tacitly informs us that wholeness is something that we shouldn’t expect to feel even in the self.  As a result, we persevere in our deeply divided lives, unaware that our failure to sense and live the wholeness of life is not germane either to our own nature, nor to that of the world itself. 

This talk dramatically pulls aside the curtain, exposes some of our culture’s most deeply held and clouded assumptions about what it means to be human, and provides a vital alternative.  It presents a message of hope that is easy to follow yet profoundly probing – and ultimately, revolutionary.

Philip Shepherd is the author of New Self, New World, written over the past six years.  The book is a radical and deeply coherent look at assumptions that are so entrenched in our culture that they have come to define ‘normal’ for us.  The purpose of the book is to help people identify within themselves and heal the fracturing of the self so that they can connect with their passion and live it in a way that is grounded, balanced and open to the world’s guidance. The book has received accolades from some of the world’s foremost writers and thinkers, including Andrew Harvey, Larry Dossey, Jean Houston, Marion Woodman, Steven Mitchell and Samuel Mallin.

All are welcome at this talk. Suggested donation is $10, but no one will be turned away.  Contact Michael Harris for more information at