January 22, 2020

Navigation Class – Keep Your Investment Off the Rocks!

Take your boating knowledge to a higher level with this hands-on practical course in navigation and piloting. Classes are small to ensure close personal attention. Course content includes longitude and latitude, taking a position fix, dead reckoning, Loran, GPS and radar basics, charting a course, using plotting tools, time, speed and distance calculations, fuel calculations, using a compass, marine time conversion and cruise planning. Taught by John L. Annino, State-certified instructor with many years of personal boating experience. All students will receive a decal for The Connecticut Coastal Boater Endorsement Program upon successful completion of this course.

Acton Library
Old Saybrook
60 Old Boston Post Rd.
June 29 & 30
5:00pm – 8:00pm
(6 hours total)
$125, includes all materials

To sign up please call
 Krista Karch
A B Sea Safe Boating, LLC

Connecticut Coastal Boater Endorsement Program
Boating on Connecticut’s waterways and Long Island Sound may seem easier with the modern electronics of today. But what if they fail? You will need to quickly depend on the time-tested methods of the past. These methods of navigation form the basis that modern electronics rely upon to make navigation so easy today. Should your electronics fail, having a basic understanding of navigation and plotting methods could save your life and those of others.

Boaters desiring to travel in coastal waters should seek advanced courses in navigation. Boaters should be confident in their vessel and their handling skills. To further promote safety in coastal waters, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is sponsoring the Connecticut Coastal Boater Endorsement Program. This program seeks to recognize and reward those boaters who have chosen to further their boating education.

Boaters who complete a course in basic navigation will receive the Coastal Boater Endorsement decal to be placed on their Safe Boating Certificate or Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation. There is no fee for the endorsement. It is simply our way of recognizing and thanking those who have taken the extra time to learn more about boating safety in our waters. Your efforts may be rewarded further by a decrease in insurance rates. The completion of one of the following classes will allow you to proudly display your decal.