January 22, 2020

Riverview Lodge Celebrating 44 Years in the Community

Deep River Junior Ancients Fife & Drum Corps

Riverview Lodge Residential Care Home will be celebrating their 44th year serving in the community with their Annual Celebration on Sunday June 5, 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

They will be having a free,  Open House party on the side lawn.  Thin Ice Band will play. Deep River Junior Ancients Fife & Drum Corps will march and perform. There will be a BBQ , Bouncy House, crafts & more.“We want folks to come and enjoy. Come see what a fine Residential Care Home looks like. You never know when a relative or a friend will be in desperate need of a nice home like this. There is so much misunderstanding!” said Riverview Lodge Administrator Jimmy DeLano.

Its official name is Riverview Lodge RCH.  Some think it’s a state facility. No! Some people think that it is a nursing home. No! Some people think that it is a substance abuse facility. No! Some people think that it’s a shelter. No! We are interested in everybody having a correct understanding. “A residential care home is a home that allows people to thrive in a caring environment” said DeLano, “we’re here to provide a setting where our residents can keep their lives on track.”

Currently, ages range from 35-80. “One resident’s been at the home for over 30 years (8 years on average), said DeLano,” The fact that they remain with us for such a long time gives us satisfaction. We know each other well. We are a family in a real way.”

Residents live in nicely furnished rooms. They eat in an attractive dining room and we serve home-cooked meals. There are activities & outings. “We have a community here which allows the residents to thrive. They enjoy Deep River; the parks, the library, the churches, the stores, everything that it offers.  They make friends, enjoy hobbies, live and work in our community.” 

For more details contact  Jimmy DeLano (860)526-4941