July 5, 2022

RAZZ! Essex Village’s Newest Shop Opens July 1

RAZZ! Essex village’s newest shop at 2B Cross Street, will open on July 1st. Although RAZZ! could easily be called the littlest store in the village, don’t be fooled by its tiny stature. The store’s owner, Maryanne Edwards, along with her daughter, Kathryn Wentworth and niece, Jackie Russo-Boudinot have made a commitment to offer a fresh variety of gifts and treasures for the discerning visitor or frugal local. “We took our customers into consideration when defining our inventory,” said Kate. “We want to offer ‘something for everyone’ like our sign says.”

Maryanne, who resides in Bolton with her husband, Robert, has owned her own businesses for over thirty years, but retail is a new adventure for her. “We love the shoreline and the opportunity to open here aligned perfectly with our timing. We are really excited about this!” RAZZ! will feature a wide array of items for adults and children, including boaters and dog lovers. “Essex has some great established businesses that we intend to compliment,” said Edwards.

Russo-Boudinot has been a resident of Centerbrook for about eight years and approached her aunt with the idea of a retail store. “She was leery because of the economy and I understand that; however, when we began talking about focusing on gifts and items that everyone in this economy could afford, she was on board!”

“Our goal is to bring some unique products to town and to offer a bit of a different twist on some that are already here,” said Jackie. “I’m most excited about the “SX” charm we have created that will fit on the famous name charm bracelets like Pandora. We haven’t even opened the doors and already have reserves for the charm! I love it and think that most will find it a good memento of their time here.”  

“We’re just the right size to be able to refresh our inventory often and we hope that will continue to draw folks back to check out what’s new,” Kate said. “When we’re asked what we will sell, it’s difficult to answer because we don’t want to sound trite, we want people to come see for themselves.”  “I want to be able to have customers say to me, ‘Mary I’m looking for such and such’, and if I don’t have it, I’ll certainly find out about getting it.”

RAZZ! will be open according to the general business hours in the village; however, will extend their hours for village activities such as the concert series and other events.