July 2, 2022

Test Your Legal Wits with MCCF and Judge Robert Holzberg!

Test your knowledge of the law and match wits with Judge Robert Holzberg in his version of the game “Double Jeopardy” at Essex Meadows, Bokum Road, Essex on June 23 from 5.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m, hosted by the Middlesex County Community Foundation.

Thurgood Marshall ~ Miranda Rights ~ Richard Nixon ~ 1st Amendment ~ Woody Allen ~ Double Jeopardy

Test your legal knowledge with these answers and many more! Learn interesting facts about the persons, cases and verdicts which have shaped our legal system! Explore the impact of the legal system on our daily lives and in our
daily conversations.

The Law. We use its terms in our every day conversation; we know many of its most famous names; we were avid fans of Perry Mason or watched all the Law & Order series. But how much do you really know?

The Honorable Robert L. Holzberg provides a challenging and fun array of facts, quotes and famous names to test your legal wits; he then provides the real story behind those cases and verdicts which have defined so many of our legal rights today.

The Honorable Robert L. Holzberg

Judge Holzberg was appointed to the Superior Court in 1990 by Governor William O’Neill. Prior to that he was on the faculty of the University of Connecticut School of Law and also served as an Assistant Public Defender in the Office of the Chief Public Defender. Since his appointment to the bench Judge Holzberg has served as the presiding judge
for civil or criminal matters in the Middlesex, New Britain and Waterbury judicial districts. He is presently the Administrative Judge and Presiding Judge-Civil for Middlesex Judicial District. Judge Holzberg is the 2011 recipient of the Connecticut Bar Association Henry J. Naruk Award given to a member of the judiciary who epitomizes long-term, dedicated and conscientious service to the community, possesses the highest integrity, and has made substantial contributions to the administration of justice in Connecticut. In 2005 he received the Hon. Robert F. Zampano Award for excellence in mediation, and in 1998 was the recipient of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association Judicial Award.

From 2000-2002 Judge Holzberg served as President of the Connecticut Judges Association. He is presently the co-chair of the Judicial Education Committee and is also a member of the Judicial Media Committee, the Civil Commission and the Commission on Alternative Dispute Resolution. Judge Holzberg is a 1974 graduate of Brown University and graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 1978. He is married to Attorney Maria Madsen Holzberg and resides in Middletown