July 8, 2020

Valley Regional High School Graduates 2011 Class of 151 in School’s 60th Annual Ceremony

Class of 2011 (photo courtesy of Kirsten Rioux)

DEEP RIVER—Valley Regional High School graduated 151 seniors from the Class of 2001 Monday in the school’s 60th annual graduation ceremony.

A crowd of hundreds of family members and friends of the graduates gathered under sunny and cloudless skies for the ceremony on the southeast side of the school grounds.

Principal Kristina Martineau (Photo courtesy of Burt Jaynes)

Principal Kristina Martineau, who assumed leadership of the high school in April after serving as acting principal for most of the school year, welcomed the crowd by recalling how the towns of Chester, Deep River, and Essex came together to form Regional School District 4, build a regional high school, and celebrate the school’s first graduating class in June 1952. Martineau said the parents 60 years ago, “were as proud of those graduates as we are of the graduates today.”

Two local residents who were there for the founding of Valley Regional High School in 1952 were recognized to cheers from the crowd — Harry Archambault, the Chester insurance man who chaired the high school building committee and the Region 4 Board of Education, and Daniel Connors of Deep River, who served as a social studies teacher at the high school for more than two decades.

Superintendent of Schools Ruth Levy praised the Class of 2011, and announced that she had learned Monday the school is one of a dozen Connecticut high Schools included on the Newsweek magazine’s list of 500 best high schools in the United States. “Whether in academics, in sports, in the arts, or simply lending a helping hand or kind word to someone, each of you has left an imprint in our schools,” she said.

Valedictorian Nicholas Takaki recalled the friendly welcome he received when moving to Chester at age nine and attending Chester Elementary School in 2002. He suggested that sense of community, a feeling that “everyone can succeed,” was representative of the Class of 2011.” Takaki noted the successes of the past school year in athletics and other programs. “We win because we welcome everyone eager to join the team,” he said. “We win because we include every player, from all-star to bench warmer, willing to work hard.”

Salutatorian Patrick Campbell noted the experience of four years at Valley extended beyond classroom learning. “The most important lessons were not stated facts, but rather universal truths, basic principles for how to interact with other people, for how to be successful in life,” he said.

Thanks to Burt Jaynes, Kirsten Rioux and Kelly Carufe for some wonderful photos of the graduation ceremony shown below:

The Class of 2011……

Michelle Alvarado
Michaela Anderson
Vanessa Aspilaire
Hennessy Aspilaire II
Jessica Morton Baier
James L. Baker
Heather E. Ballantyne
Lilly May Barbour
Marissa Michele Barnes
Kaitlyn Brianna Barnett
Maximillian Cabrera Barrezueta
Nicole Louise Bauer
Kathleen M. Belton
Tyler Bosco
Tenay Nicole Bouchard
Baylee  Boulem
Mark Brusco
Alanna Lee Burke
Griffin Graham Burrows
Megan Lee Callahan
Adam Paul Camilleri
Patrick Roycroft Campbell
Daniel Joseph Cappiello
Ryan Patrick Wheeler Carufe
Cody John Carver
Katlyn Shane Catubig
George Gaetano Cooper Cimini
James   Clark
Kelly May Cline
Austin James Connolly
Kyle James Connor
Joseph Leo Corriveau III
Derrick Mason Corson
Daniel William Cox
Luc Van Dang
Kaitlynn Alexander Dec
Elizabeth Anne Dee
Robert Lewis  Diley III
Jonathan Allen Dilger
Jason Jordan DiPietro
Brittany Marie Dombkowski
Jeffrey Harold Doran Jr.
Margaret Allen Dubey
Michael Francis Duggan
Heather Kaitlyn Eddy
Kaitlyn Alyce Ernst
Maxwell Daniel John Evarts
Drake Bernard  Ewart-Ledoux
Rachael Linn Farley
Anna Isabella Faust
Peter Abercrombie Faust
Rebecca Marie Feaster
Bradley James Fenniman
Nicholas Ryan Filippides
John Arthur Finkeldey
Cavan M.  Flynn
Katie J. Frese
Erin Lindsey Fusaro
Duncan Robert Galpin
Shannon Elizabeth Gates
Megan Dee Giamei
Tori Leigh Gilliland
Heather Lynn Gleason
Brett Crosby Griffith
Seth Jacob Halibozek
Amelia Mitchell Haney
Daniel Joseph Harrigan
Alexina Amanda Hebert
Rachel Ann Hebert
Nathaniel Kent Heintzelman
Matthew Rhys Herman
Maxwell Francis Hotkowski
Francesca Germini Humble
Joshua Douglas Ierna
Michaela May Indermaur
Ryan D. Javor
Adam Jaynes
David Nelson Johns
Kayleigh Trace Johnson
Erica M.  Kasimir
Matthew Patrick Kaufman
Meredith F. Kelly
Mitchell Carlson King
Stephen Henry Klinck
Jake A. Kottke
Alexander Freeborn Kurz
Brett Michael Lacoske
Erika Shea Lanphear
Max Townsend Lawrie
Shin-Yi  Lee
Etienne Stephan Libert
Melissa Ann Luster
Tyler Austin Lutz
Sara Ann Maclean
Keir Brian Magoulas
Megan Elizabeth Mallon
Zachary Park Mantie
Venera Domenica Manuli
Katherine Sophia Marion
Brandy Marie Marquis
Christine Paige Marsh
Michael Joseph Marshall
Matthew Roger McMahon
Kevin W. McPhee
Cameron S. Mitchel
Cassandra M. Money
Simeon Degen Monroe
Dylan M. Morano
Michaela Alissa Morris
Elizabeth A. Mosher
Rodney Lynn Mosier III
Kelsey Erin Murphy
Deisy Helena Naranjo
Nathan Narducci
Wyatt Naylor
Regina Nettleton
William John O’Hearn IV
Arron Toto Outama
Rory Pariseau
Allison E. Pash
Lawder Williams Paul
Eric J. Pease
Megan Carolann Perkins
Bess Haley Perlstein
Jeremy E. Phillips
Alexander Thomas Polo
Joshua David Proteau
Olivia M. Reed
Taylor Robert Rioux
Trevor M. Rosensohn
Peter W Russo
Zachary Sanders
Elizabeth A. Sanford
Randy Adam Schmidt
Joshua H. Schumacher
Nicole Marie Scionti
Drew Scott
Randal E. Shaw
Alan Shortz
Lilli K. Siretta
Arianna Victoria  Smith
Brian F. Sticht
Alexandria D.B. Stratidis
Nicholas Alexander Denning Takaki
Timothy Byron Todd
Samantha Leigh Tolley
Monica Cathleen Vandehei
Jimmy Javier Vargas
Arianna Zoe Vassallo
Marlena Catharine Vitali
Brian Blake Watson
Justin David Wells
Ryan Joseph Wichtowski
Jacob Michael Wlochowski
Jason Robert Wolf
Kyle Alan Woody