November 28, 2021

Canoe Kayak North Cove and Falls River

Phil Miller

The Essex Land Trust invites you to paddle North Cove into the Falls River with naturalist Phil Miller leading the way on Thursday July 21 at 5.30 p.m. beginning at Bushnell Street shore access in Essex.

North Cove is a 230-acre body of tidal water between the Falls River and the Connecticut River. The cove is formed in part by Great Meadow, a 200-acre “pendant bar”, or levee, along the Connecticut River. North Cove is part of the Connecticut River Estuary Canoe/Kayak Trail.
North Cove was noted for ship building, and the Williams yard turned out sloops and schooners for the commercial trade in the 19th century. On the eastern shore is Great Meadow which was a beehive of activity, too. Cattle were grazed, salt hay harvested and duck hunting blinds once lined the shore. The bar was also a base for the local shad fishing industry. Great Meadow is topped by cat-tails and reeds while wild rice and bulrush grow at the water’s edge. Rare plants include horned pondweed and tidewater arrowhead. A well-known eagle habitat, the area also attracts two species of rail, along with ospreys, hawks, egrets and herons.

Open to paddlers of all ages but basic experience in paddling is required. Park at the shore access lot at the end of Bushnell Street in Essex. Bad weather or strong winds cancels. For more information about the event please contact Peggy Tuttle at 860-767-7916 or e-mail