July 1, 2022

Fighting the Ferry Closure: Meeting Sunday 17 July at Hadlyme Public Hall

Chester-Hadlyme ferry employees received termination notices last Thursday that their final day of work would be Aug. 25.

As public opinion galvanizes against the impending closure by the state of both this ferry and the one at Rocky Hill, a meeting is being held tonight at 7 p.m. at Hadlyme Public Hall to discuss ways in which the planned closure of the Hadlyme-Chester ferry can be fought legally. All are welcome.

The three towns of Lyme, East Haddam and Chester are now combining their efforts to save the ferry arguing that there are numerous reasons why the Hadlyme-Chester ferry should be maintained.

These include tourism and the revenue it brings to local economies, the emergency vehicular access to Middlesex Hospital and the matter of geographical necessity whereby the ferry route represents a continuation of Rte. 148.

Additionally, there is the logistical matter of commuter travel from one side of the river to the other, and finally the subjective issue of historic importance and aesthetic value.

The organizers of tonight’s meeting are hoping for a sizable turnout of supporters.

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