July 1, 2022

Assessing the Damage – Tree Down Outside Ivoryton Playhouse

Large Tree Down in Front of Ivoryton Playhouse

Hurricane Irene caused widespread damage throughout the region with hundreds of trees and powerlines down.  The large fir tree outside the Ivoryton Playhouse was snapped near the base and fell towards the Playhouse but fortunately did no serious damage.

Fallen Tree Just Misses the Playhouse

Thousands of local residents are without power and authorities are predicting this could continue for several more days.  The majority of properties in Essex, Chester, Deep River and Old Lyme lost power and so far relatively few have had their power restored.  In Essex the area around Plains Road now has power, as does a small section of Boston Post Road in Old Lyme.  According to CL&P at 5 p.m. Monday percentages of properties without power are as follows: Chester 100%, Deep River 91%, Essex 80%, Old Saybrook 90%, Old Lyme 86% and Lyme 98%.

Fallen Tree Damaged Power Lines on Main Street Ivoryton

The large number of trees which have fallen onto overhead power lines make the clean-up job even more time-consuming.

Many Trees Have Fallen on Power Lines in the Area Disrupting Power Supply