July 2, 2022

Middlesex County Community Foundation’s LLGL365 Fund Awards First Grants

Members of LLGL365 gather with MCCF Staff & Board and Grants Recipients to Celebrate (Photo courtesy of Middlesex County Community Foundation)

Philanthropy works on a just a $1 a day. LIVE LOCAL GIVE LOCAL 365 (LLGL365),a newly launched giving opportunity at Middlesex County Community Foundation (MCCF), proved this adage  July 14, 2011, when the LLGL365 committee awarded its first five (5) grants to Middlesex County nonprofits.

Philanthropy on a $1 a day – or $365 a year – pooled with other donors does make an impact in Middlesex County. The LLGL365 committee voted to award grants that would be representative of the fund’s mission and name – 365 – and to challenge individuals and businesses to match the award.

Five donors stepped forward to match the grant awards given by LLGL365, proving the impact leveraging dollars can have for nonprofits and emphasizing the concept of LLGL365.

LLGL365 awarded $3,650 in grants; recipients for this first round were Connecticut Mission of Mercy, Essex Library Association for the “Guy Zone” program, Green Street Arts Center at Wesleyan University, Oddfellows Playhouse, and Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries.

Deb and Roy Moore of Killingworth hosted the celebration, welcoming the LLGL365 committee and members of MCCF staff and Board of Directors.  Launched in February 2011, LLGL365 offers members an opportunity to pool their donations with other members and actively participate in making an impact in Middlesex County – today –  through grants to nonprofits, while building an endowment for the future. This giving opportunity focuses on the belief that anyone can be a philanthropist, and with a $1 a day, much help can be provided to those in need.

LLGL365 members meet monthly to network with individuals from around the county, to learn about the needs of Middlesex County, and to discuss how to invest their charitable dollars in the community at large. In six short months, LLGL365 now hosts16 full members, many “friends” (individuals supporting the fund through donations), and has raised over $10,000. “It is amazing what LLGL365 has accomplished,” said Cynthia Clegg, President & CEO of Middlesex County Community Foundation. “They have answered the question ‘Are you a philanthropist?’ with a resounding “YES! Everyone is a Philanthropist!”

To find out more contact Cynthia and Thayer at Middlesex County Community Foundation, 860.347.0025, and join the Good People Doing Great Things in Middlesex County.