July 2, 2022

Republican Selectman Tom Englert Named as Interim Selectman for Chester

CHESTER— Republican Selectman Tom Englert was appointed interim first selectman Tuesday to fill the remaining 13 weeks of the unexpired term of former First Selectman Tom Marsh.

Englert, 49, was sworn in to office Wednesday morning by Town Clerk Debra Calamari. Marsh, a Republican-turned-independent first elected in 2005, resigned Aug. 1 to become town manager in Windsor, Vt. Englert was elected with Marsh in 2009, and is on the Nov. 8 election ballot for a second term on the board of selectmen.

Under state statute, the two remaining selectmen, Englert and Democratic Selectman Lawrence Sypher, had until the end of the month to appoint an interim first selectman to serve until the term ends on Nov. 22. At the board’s Aug. 2 meeting, Englert and Sypher held a closed-door discussion of the vacancy, but made no decision on the appointment.

But Tuesday, Calamari, who has served as town clerk since 1989, and other residents, said it was time to end the uncertainty. In a written statement, Calamari said Chester town government “has not been running efficiently” over the past two weeks with Englert and Sypher “teaming” as part-time managers. She said town employees, including police, and residents “don’t know who is in charge day-to-day.”

“For the good of the town, it’s employees and residents, you need to appoint an interim first selectman”, Calamari said, adding “I ask you to bring this to an end tonight.”

Englert, who had been initially reluctant to commit to filling the interim position, then announced that he was willing to serve the remainder of the unexpired term. Englert said his employer, the local Whelen Engineering Company, is supportive of his decision to accept the interim appointment. Englert moved to appoint himself as interim first selectman.

Sypher, who said he had “mixed emotions” on the appointment process, voted in support of Englert’s appointment. After a brief round of applause from the dozen residents at the meeting, Englert declared “I hope I don’t let anybody down.”

Englert said he would not be in the first selectman’s office full-time during the coming weeks, but would assume the top administrative role, and be the “point of contact” for employees and residents.

Englert must resign as selectman, creating a new vacancy that would be filled under the same process as the first selectman vacancy. Englert and Sypher would have 30 days, or until mid-September, to appoint an interim selectman. If they are unable to reach agreement, the appointment to fill the vacancy through Nov. 22 would fall to a committee of Republican officeholders comprised on Englert and Marsh’s wife, Kathy, who serves as Republican registrar of voters.

The appointment of the interim first selectman would have gone to this committee on Aug. 31 if Englert and Sypher had not reached agreement on an appointment.