October 1, 2022

Courtney statement after Obama jobs speech

Congressman Joe Courtney

Congressman Joe Courtney released the following statement on Thursday after President Obama’s jobs speech to a joint session of Congress:

“Washington’s focus veered off course with the unnecessary, distracting debate over the debt ceiling. With today’s speech, we are rightly focusing where we should have all along: on creating jobs and protecting our economic recovery.

“President Obama presented some positive initiatives tonight. I am particularly pleased that he will change refinancing rules to help homeowners who are current in their payments qualify for a lower mortgage. As I have repeatedly stated, we got into this downturn because of a falling housing market, and, in the end, a recovery will not happen without addressing that root cause. This change, which does not require Congressional action, will provide real, immediate benefits.

“I am also pleased by the President’s targeted tax breaks aimed at helping our small businesses grow and add jobs, as well as his focus on infrastructure investment. This spending will provide a quick uptick in jobs and has long-term benefit as well. Maintaining ports and harbors, fixing highways, and growing rail systems are essential steps toward getting our economy back on track.

“However, there are other large, bold ideas still on the table. Last month, American manufacturers set a record for exports, but their true potential is unrealized today because of bureaucratic red tape that prevents them from selling products even to allies. Eliminating these restrictions – some of which date back to the Cold War – would help local companies like BNL Industries in Vernon add new jobs, while still safeguarding national security.”

Earlier today, Congressman Courtney spoke on the House floor, and urged House Republican leaders to tackle big issues, including jobs, and to add additional work days to Congress’ work schedule. The GOP House floor schedule currently includes just five full days of work for the remainder of September.

Click here to watch video clip of Courtney speaking on the House floor.