November 18, 2019

Post Hurricane Information for Community Residents – Issued By Town of Essex Aug 30, 2011

Due to storm related damage, the majority of residents in Essex, Deep River & Chester are without electricity.  Road crews, first responders, private contractors and residents continue to remove fallen trees from roads to allow access for emergency vehicles and egress for residents who are still blocked in their neighborhoods.  At the same time, utility companies (CL&P and United Illuminating) continue work to repair damaged power lines and restore electricity to the town.  Crews are working tirelessly to restore our essential services.  Power to cell phone towers has been restored however internet service is still unavailable for most residents.  Electricity to the primary shopping centers in Essex, Deep River & Chester is still not available.

The majority of residents are still without electricity.  To assist you in this challenging time some resources which are available to residents are listed below:

Essentials:  John Winthrop Middle School is open as an emergency shelter. (Route 80; exit 5 off Route 9)

  • Hot showers and drinking water are available.
  • On Saturday & Sunday cooked meals will be available for residents of Essex, Deep River & Chester at 8am, noon, and 6pm.  (A nominal donation is requested).
  • Electricity is available to charge your cell phones and WiFi may be available.

Water is available at Essex Firehouse, Ambulance and Police Station (next to the town hall).  Bring buckets and closed containers to bring the water home with you.  No bottled water is available at these locations.

Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) & bottled water will be available at the Town Hall on Thurs, Sept 1.

Dump hours have been extended.  The dump is open Tues, Aug 30 – Sat, Sept 3 from 7am to 6pm for household trash and brush.  If you have “curbside” trash pick-up, it will be picked-up according to your regular schedule.  Since most residents have been without electricity for several days, perishable foods should be discarded. As a reminder, without electricity, your refrigerator will keep food at proper temperature for about 4 hours and a freezer for 48 hours.  If there is any doubt as to the safety of the food, it is best to discard it rather than taking the chance of foodborne illness.  WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT !!

Updates:  We will broadcast updates on WLIS radio AM1420 at 7am and 5 pm daily. For those without electricity please utilize your battery operated radio or car radio to hear updates as they become available.  Once phone & internet services are restored, we will utilize the reverse-911 telephone system to provide additional updates and will post updates on the Essex Town website at

Drive with care as we continue to clear roads of debris and downed power lines.  Remember to check-in on your neighbors to ensure they are safe and have the information provided in this communication.

Please continue to be patient and polite to those working tirelessly to restore our essential services to our community. We are all in this together.