July 11, 2020

Region 4 Schools Open Wednesday With 27 New Certified Staff

REGION 4— Region 4 schools open Wednesday for the 2011-2012 academic year with 27 new certified educational staff, including 16 new full or part-time teachers. Opening day, originally set for Sept. 1, was delayed by the cleanup from Tropical Storm Irene.

New staff, with their classroom assignments where provided, include seven new positions at Valley Regional High School. The new high school teachers are Joseph Goldman-social studies, Michael Bono-technical education, Desire Fallavolitta-Spanish, Donna Dickerman-science, Kevin Lam-instrumental music, Kathryn Weingartner-special education, and Allison Hopkins as a two-thirds time social studies teacher. There are three new staff at John Winthrop Middle School, including teaching assistants Kristen Budney and Niccole diFilippo, with Jennifer Marino as a part-time social worker.

Positions at the elementary schools include  Bonnie Amburso as the long term substitute physical education teacher at Chester Elementary School, with Angela Fachini as the new second grade teacher at Deep River Elementary School, Jacquelyn Courtmanche as the new remedial reading teacher at Deep River Elementary School, and Kerry Gallant as a new para-educator at the Deep River school.

New positions at Essex Elementary School include Suzanne Deens as the new school nurse, Diana Marchese and Jessica Murray as two new long term substitutes for unspecified grades, and Samantha Morse as the new para-educator.

The Supervision District is funding nine new full or part-time positions that are shared by the five district schools. The new hires include Diana Amara as a new eight-tenths time counselor, Daniel Brownell as a new half-time general music teacher, Andria Benjamin-special education, Rita Negrao-special education, Sarah Layton and Marguerite Caulfield as new pre-school program para-educators, Mallory Coleman as a new long term substitute school psychologist, Nicole Pollock and Elaine Fleischer.