November 28, 2021

Shoreline Medical Center Plans to Move out of Essex

The Shoreline Medical Center, presently located in Essex at 260 Westbrook Road, is planning to move out of town.  Sites in Old Saybrook, just off I-95 at Exit 66, and Westbrook, off I-95 at Exit 65, are among those that have been considered.

One of the candidate sites in Old Saybrook has already been rejected because of ground water problems, according to a spokesperson at Middlesex Hospital.

Middlesex Hospital owns and operates the Essex-based Shoreline Medical Center, which offers emergency services, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, as well as radiology services, including open and closed MRI, high speed CAT scans and mammography, plus a variety of neurology services.

The reason that Middlesex Hospital wants to move the Shoreline Medical Center is, “Currently, the facility’s size and land simply does not offer adequate space to meet our needs,” says Harry Evert, Vice President of Operations for Middlesex Hospital.  He adds, “Middlesex Hospital’s Shoreline Medical Center was established more than 40 years ago, at the urging of local residents in southern Middlesex County, to have closer access to medical care.”

Evert explains, “In order to continue the tradition of providing close access to medical care, the hospital is investigating possible locations to relocate that would provide the easiest access to the largest number of patients throughout the shoreline communities, and allow for expansion of services and new technology,” concluding, “We are currently in the process of searching for a location that would best meet those criteria.”

The present Essex facility, according the Middlesex Hospital’s web site, “Offers quality health care services provided by skilled, caring medical professionals to the over 80,000 community residents we serve.”

Ambulance Service at Shoreline Clinic, Essex

A major factor in driving the move out the Essex, according to Middlesex Hospital sources who wished to remain anonymous, is also that Yale-New Haven Hospital’s new Shoreline Medical Center in Guilford, located just off I-95, has proved to be very successful.  It is believed to be the kind of success that Middlesex Hospital would like to emulate with a new facility close to I-95 as well.

The Yale-New Haven Shoreline Medical Center in Guilford offers 24 hours a day, seven days a week emergency services, as well as a blood drawing station, nuclear medicine, a nutrition center, a surgery center and a cancer center, among other specialties.

Random interviews with those going in and out of the present Essex Shoreline Medical Center did not appear to be overly exercised about moving the facility.  Old Saybrook resident Liz Yavrone, who was waiting outside for her daughter, however, did grouse that the present Essex facility was, “Always busy,” and that she, “Never had less than a three hour wait to see a doctor.”

Chester resident Bob Farrar said that going to a new facility in Old Saybrook, if that were the chosen location, “Would be just as handy” for him, as the present Essex location.  “It’s only 10 minutes more,” said an Essex resident, who declined to give her name.

The present Essex-based Shoreline Medical Center has, according to the web site, “Received for the past three years the prestigious Press Ganey Summit Award for three consecutive years of over 95% satisfaction – the only emergency department in Connecticut to be recognized for this achievement.”

The seemingly ever full parking lot at the Shoreline Medical Center in Essex.