July 4, 2022

Chester Meeting House Balcony Reopened

At the October 4, 2011 Selectman’s Meeting, Chester’s Fire Marshal announced that the balcony level of the Chester Meeting House was officially closed due to a number of Fire Code violations affecting public safety. Immediately touring the facility, the Board of Selectmen agreed to initiate corrective action so upcoming, including the Collomore Series concert 12 days ahead, would be minimally impacted.

Selectman Larry Sypher, with Board of Selectmen approval, immediately sought out and contacted multiple contractors for quotes. The Board of Selectmen agreed to proceed after review of the quotes.

Sypher then contacted Martin Nadel with the Robbie Collomore Music Series and advised him that every effort would be made to complete the work by the 16th. Nadel had suspended their additional ticket sales due to the balcony closing of the Meeting House.

Sypher worked along with Top Notch Electrical Services in Deep River who completed the electrical work and local contractor Jeff Klausen of Klausen Construction Co., who specializes in antique restoration construction for completion of the structural repairs. Indar Stairs, stair and railing specialists, recommended by Klausen, replaced the balcony railings.  Sypher stayed in constant contact over the week with Nadel providing progress reports.

The work was completed by early afternoon on Saturday, October 15, and Fire Marshal Leighton made the final inspection within minutes of the completion and approved the reopening of Meeting House upstairs balcony area.

Nadel was contacted immediately regarding the reopening and the full seating capacity including those 60 balcony seats. Nadel was extremely pleased with Sypher’s hard work and effort and believes the work would never have been completed in time without his diligent supervision and coordination.

Interim Selectman Peter Zanardi agreed and stated, “Sypher’s leadership and efforts were commendable”.