July 4, 2022

Chester Selectmen Appoint a Main Street Committee

CHESTER— The board of selectmen has appointed the final members and approved the charge for a Main Street Committee that will coordinate improvements to Main Street in the downtown village as the state Department of Transportation pursues replacement of two bridges in the vicinity.

The board Tuesday approved a formal charge for 11-member committee. Members were appointed last month, with the final member, local realtor Leslie Strauss, appointed earlier this month. All are volunteers for the panel, which is expected to be active at least through 2013.

The committee includes representatives of the planning and zoning commission, the water pollution control authority, the board of selectmen and Main Street business owners, along with individuals with architectural, engineering, and road construction experience. Other members are Michael Joplin, chairman of the planning and zoning commission, Al Bisacky from the WPCA, Virgil Lloyd, Steve Tiezzi, architect John Schroeder, Charles Mueller, James Zanardi, Charlene Janecek, John King, and Bruce Sypher.

Main Street is also known as Route 148, though the town owns a section from the intersection with Route 154 west to the Main Street bridge. The section of road has been paved over several times, leaving areas where the height of the road pavement exceeds the curb to create drainage problems after heavy rain. Beneath the pavement is old and abandoned infrastructure, including water mains, trolley tracks, sewer lines and outdated storm water drainage.

The town project will include reconstructing the road surface and sidewalks, along with inspecting and possibly removing some of the outdated utilities and infrastructure. The project will be done around the same time as state funded replacements of the Water Street bridge over Great Brook, and the Main Street bridge. Work on the Water Street bridge is expected to begin next year, with the replacement of the Main Street bridge expected in 2013 or 2014.

The town has $419,000 set aside for the project, including $219,000 in the capital budget and a $200,000 state Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) grant. The total project is expected to cost about $1 million.

The committee, which has already held its first meeting, has been asked to develop and implement a work schedule and budget for the town-funded project, along with coordinating communications and scheduling with the state Department of Transportation during the bridge replacement projects. The committee will coordinate bidding for the town project, while also holding public information forums to keep residents informed about the project. The committee will be the point of contact for contractors, utility companies, and the state DOT.