July 4, 2022

Deep River’s Dick Smith Endorses Norman Needleman for First Selectman of Essex

Deep River's Dick Smith endorses Essex's Norman Needleman

Deep River’s long serving First Selectman, Dick Smith, has endorsed a fellow Democrat, Norman Needleman, to be First Selectman of Essex. Needleman is waging a hard fought campaign for Essex First Selectman against a Republican challenger.

Smith on the other hand is running for his 12th term as Deep River’s First Selectman with no opposition whatsoever. The Republicans did not even put up a candidate against him.

In endorsing Needleman, Smith said, “Knowledge and experience are always important,” and he noted that Needleman had eight years of town government experience, as Essex Selectman, behind him. Smith said, “Many of the issues in these small towns are the same,” and that this was particularly true of Deep River and Essex.

Smith pointed out that the two towns “share a regional school district, we share the dog pound, and we have a mutual aid agreement in providing fire and ambulance services.”

Smith also said that when it comes to dealing with state government, Needleman would know what “to lobby against,” such as unfunded mandates, and “what to lobby for,” such as state grants. “He would be a great guy to work with” Smith said.

Smith said that he felt that the next few years were going to be particularly tough because of economic conditions. He was clear that he wanted an experienced hand running the town government next door, and that was Norman Needleman.