February 23, 2019

MacMillian and Marzi Can Provide the Leadership Essex Needs

To the Editor:

I support Bruce MacMillian and Joel Marzi for the November 8th Election.

The recession we’ve been living through has been extraordinary in depth and breadth with consequences that have pushed many of us to our limits both financially and personally.  In Essex we have seen shops close and homes foreclosed.  Driven by economic frustration, last spring we witnessed a critique of our town budget not seen in decades.

Some have said Essex has lost its way and is on a slow spiral down.  I disagree.  We are a strong town with good citizens and we will recover.  However, who we choose in this election may determine how long it takes and at what price.

To move forward we’ll need leaders that are open minded, take initiative and can prioritize the needs over the wants, while communicating to us often and effectively.  Through their experience in building businesses, managing operations, and leading town boards MacMillian and Marzi have the leadership and determination to get Essex going again.  Come November vote for MacMillian and Marzi.



Adam Conrad