August 14, 2022

Chester Planning and Zoning Denies Permit for Bulk Propane Storage

CHESTER— The planning and zoning commission has denied a special permit for a proposed bulk propane storage facility at the Airport Industrial Park off Route 145.

The panel acted at a special meeting on Nov. 8. The permit application of DSDM LLC was rejected on a unanimous vote.

DSDM LLC, an affiliate of Uncas Gas Company, was seeking a permit for two 30,000-gallon propane storage tanks on a parcel at 25 airport Industrial Park Road. The industrial park is located off Winthrop Road, also known as Route 145, in the rural western section of town. The plan drew strong opposition when it was presented at public hearings in September and October, with a final session held on Nov. 3.

A nearby business owner at the industrial park, and a nearby resident, each hired lawyers to support their objections at the public hearings. William and Susan Sangster, owners of Hull Management LLC on a nearby parcel in the industrial park, were represented by Hartford lawyer John Bradley and an engineering consultant. Keith and Maria Scherber, of 70 Winthrop Road, were represented by Old Saybrook lawyer Michael Cronin.

More than a dozen residents spoke in opposition to the permit application at the public hearings. Opponents contended the industrial park road, which ends in a cul-de-sac, was not a suitable location for bulk propane storage, and that bulk propane storage should not be allowed in an area that is not served by a public water line.