January 25, 2022

Early Birds go to the Polls in Chester and Essex

Even though the polls in Chester and Essex had been open only a couple of hours, the candidates and their supporters were at their respective polling places in force.

In Chester, Democratic candidate for First Selectman Ed Meehan posted himself across from the polls in the Chester Town Hall parking lot beneath a Democratic Party banner. Meehan was joined by Mike Meehan, the candidate’s brother, who came down from Massachusetts to lend a hand, and Peg Meehan, who identified herself as Meehan’s Campaign Manager (all pictured in photo).

The Meehans in Chester come out in force

Down in the Essex Town Hall parking lot, a respectful 75 feet from the actual polls, were the Republican Essex Town Chairman Ed Cook; Republican candidate for First Selectman Bruce MacMillian; Democratic candidate for First Selectman Norman Needleman; Essex Board of Education candidate Adam Conroy; Board of Education candidate Loretta McCluskey; and Democratic candidate for Selectman Stacia Rice-Libby (all pictured in photo below). Missing but not forgotten was Republican candidate for Selectman Joel Marzi.

The gangs all here at the Essex Town Hall parking lot

Asked for an Election Day comment, Republican First Selectman candidate Bruce MacMilian limited himself to saying, “It’s a beautiful day.” A bit more loquacious, Democratic candidate for First Selectman Norman Needleman said, “We’ll all work together for the best interests of the town.”

The Essex Board of Selectman is a three person body, and there are four candidates running, two from each party. Therefore, this guarantees that there will be two winners from one party and one winner from the other. Which party comes out on top, we shall not know until the results are in.

As for Deep River, First Selectman Richard Smith is running unopposed.