August 13, 2022

Essex Town Meeting Approves Additional Appropriations, Appointments

ESSEX— Voters quickly approved three additional appropriations and confirmed more than a dozen appointments to town boards and commissions Monday at the annual town meeting.

About 40 residents turned out for the meeting, which also included approval of the annual town report for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. The report is dedicated to Lois Ely, a long-time resident and chairwoman of the board of assessment appeals who currently serves as the Democratic registrar of voters.

All of the agenda items were approved on unanimous voice votes. Voters approved a $22,796 appropriation for police services. First Selectman Norman Needleman said the additional expenditure would be offset by a state driving under the influence enforcement grant. “This is really just an accounting thing,” he said.

Voters approved an $11,500 appropriation to install new carpeting in the 1991 addition section of Essex Elementary School. But the town meeting first rescinded a town meeting vote from last July that authorized an expenditure of $24,800 for new flooring and carpeting at the school.

Lon Seidman, chairman of the local board of education, said the board has decided to defer installation of the flooring until next year, but wants to proceed as soon as possible with the new carpeting. Funds for the work will come from an existing capital improvements sinking fund for the school. Voters also approved an additional appropriation of $2,110 for the park and recreation department.

All of the appointments were confirmed together on a single voice vote, with the exception of Gudrun Lelash, who had recently declined reappointment for new terms on the conservation commission and inland-wetlands commission. Most of the appointments were reappointments of incumbent members also serving on the boards and commissions.

Appointments to the zoning commission for three-year terms include Lillian Mosa and Alvin Wolfgram, the current chairman, for the zoning commission, with Robert Connelly and William Reichenbach as zoning commission alternates. Reappointed to the zoning board of appeals for three-year terms were Douglas Demerast and William Ferguson.

Voters also confirmed appointments to the economic development commission, conservation commission, inland-wetlands commission, park and recreation commission, sanitary waste commission/water pollution control authority and the tree committee.