August 18, 2022

Video Clips of Essex Selectmen Candidate Debate at the Town Hall

A large crowd turned out for the Nov. 1 debate at Essex Town Hall between the two candidates for First Selectman of Essex, Republican Bruce MacMillian and Democrat Norman Needleman, and the Republican and Democratic candidates for Selectman, Republican Joel Marzi and Democrat Stacia Rice-Libby.

Richard Conroy, director of the Essex Library posed questions submitted to the library by Essex town residents prior to the debate.  Question included topics such as how they would handle the blighted property issue,  what their business development plan would be for the town, what their views are on supporting non-profit organizations and whether the town should hire a Town Manager.  Each candidate responded to each question alternately and each was given the opportunity to offer some concluding remarks.

The selectmen candidates Marzi and Rice-Libby also gave short introductory comments and short concluding remarks.

Videos clips of opening statements, responses to questions and closing comments are provided below.