October 1, 2022

Letters: MacMillian and Marzi will Work Tirelessly for Essex

To The Editor,

The voters of Essex have a great opportunity on 8 November to elect Bruce MacMillian, running for First Selectman, and Joel Marzi, running for Selectman. Both of the candidates have promised an open process, accessibility and positive leadership. After hearing both candidates speak at various events, I am convinced that they will bring positive changes to our town.

Joel is a small business owner in Essex and is currently serving as a Selectman. He has volunteered on Essex Boards and Commissions for a combined twenty-five years.  Known to many of us for his stellar sense of humor and wit, Joel has, over the years, and on a more serious note, become a safe haven for Democrats, Independents and Republicans to voice their concerns about our town. This spotlights his trustworthiness and his accessibility.

Bruce’s broad experience, his business background and his fiscal conservatism guarantee that he will be an excellent steward of our tax funds. His volunteer work for the Essex Housing Authority sets him apart. At the time that Bruce took over the reins, the Housing Authority was mired in problems and complaints from the residents. Within a short period of time, Bruce restructured the management team, improved communication and reformulated the mission. The proof in the pudding is how an organization turnaround can succeed with the right leadership.

For voters who have not had the pleasure of meeting Bruce and Joel, be assured that, when elected, MacMillian and Marzi will work tirelessly for Essex.


Alison Nichols,
Essex, CT,