August 13, 2022

Real estate firm enlists “silent policeman” to help sell houses at head of Main Street in Essex

Coldwell Banker advertising sign by Essex’s “silent policeman”

The Coldwell Banker real estate firm, which has had a residential sales office in Essex for many years, recently enlisted the town’s “silent policeman” to help sell houses. The “silent policeman” is the name given by local residents for the lantern-like structure in the middle of the roundabout at the top of Main Street in Essex.

Frequently, the structure is adorned for town celebrations such as Ground Hog Day; and a holiday decoration is now being put in place.  However, Coldwell Banker appeared to be breaking new ground with its use of the “silent policeman” to post a real estate advertising sign last Sunday, Nov. 13. The sign was removed in the afternoon.

However, a broker at Coldwell Banker at the Main Street office, who asked that her name not be used, refuted that only Coldwell Banker’s real estate agents use the “silent policeman’” for advertisement purposes. “Everybody does it,” she said, “particularly on Sundays, when brokers have ‘open houses’ at the properties that they are selling.”

As to whether the posting of advertising signs on Essex town property is permissible under present town regulations, Joseph Budrow, the town’s Zoning Wetlands and Enforcement said, “as of now the signage regs will be updated in early 2012.   So right now there isn’t a clear plan on what the Zoning Commission wants.”

However, Budrow said that he would have an update on the issue in mid-December.