May 25, 2022

Chester Selectmen Approve 15-Year Contract for Solid Waste Disposal

CHESTER— The board of selectmen has approved a new 15-year contract with the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority for disposal of solid waste and recyclables.

Meeting after Tuesday’s town meeting, the board approved a new contract that will replace the current CRRA contract that expires in November 2012. Chester has been a member of CRRA since it was established in the mid-1980s, and is one of 13 area towns that dispose of solid waste and recyclables at the CRRA regional transfer station located off Route 154 in Essex. Solid waste is compacted and trucked to the CRRA Mid-Connecticut incinerator in Hartford.

First Selectman Edmund Meehan said Chester would be paying a tipping fee of $59.50 per ton under the new contract, less than the $70 per ton fee the town is currently paying. Meehan said Chester has one of the highest number of residences and businesses served by commercial trash haulers of any of the towns using the regional transfer station, with nearly 99 percent of the properties in town served by paid haulers that collect trash at the curbside. Chester becomes the third area town to approve new disposal contracts with CRRA, following Deep River and Lyme.

In other business, the board appointed Melvin Seifert to fill an alternate vacancy on the planning and zoning commission. Seifert, a lawyer, had served on the commission in a vacancy appointment since last year, but failed to win election running on the Republican and Common Ground Party ballot lines in the Nov. 8 town election.

When the board appointed Democratic commission alternate Henry Krempel to fill a regular member vacancy on Dec. 6, Seifert asked to be considered for the regular member opening. Republican Doreen Joslow, who was elected to a two-year regular member vacancy term on Nov. 8 actually offered to resign to open up a spot for Seifert.

Meehan said Joslow has decided to remain a regular member, with Seifert stepping in to the alternate seat. There remains one alternate member vacancy on the commission, a spot that was not filled in last month’s election.