May 25, 2022

Coldwall Banker Realtor Apologizes for Posting Sign at Essex’s Main Street Roundabout

Holiday branches decorate the Essex roundabout

Coldwell Banker real estate agent Laurel Peters has personally apologized to Essex Zoning Enforcement officer Joseph Budrow for placing an “Open House” real estate sign in the middle of the Essex roundabout at the top of Main Street. Budrow said that Peters came up to his Town Hall office a short while ago just to deliver her apology.

Budrow had send Coldwell Banker a Notice of Violation for Peters’ earlier signage posting stating, “The location of the signage in the middle of the roundabout in Essex square must cease.” He also said that Peters’ posting of Coldwell Banker signage had been “placed in a public right-of-way from time to time to promote Open Houses.”

As authority for his Notice of Violation, Budrow cited Town of Essex Zoning regulation, paragraph 111A.6, which provides that no sign may be designed in a way, “which may be confused with a traffic control sign or signal.” He cited two other paragraphs in the zoning regulations which might apply as well.

In a separate interview Budrow also said that by March of next year the Essex Zoning Enforcement office was going to promulgate new zoning regulations that were going to apply specifically to real estate signage.

Presently, there is no reference to real estate signage in Essex’s Town zoning regulations, nor are real estate signs referred as an exception to the blanket prohibition of all signs found under Essex Town regulation, 111C. “Political signs,” on the other hand have a specific exception from this regulatory prohibition.

For her part Coldwell Banker real estate agent Laurel Peters confirmed that she had met with Zoning Enforcement Officer Budrow, and that she herself had initiated the meeting with him.

Coldwall Banker office on Main Street in Essex

According to her, she told Budrow that the practice of posting real estate signs in the middle of the Essex roundabout was a common practice, and that she had no idea that it violated Essex Zoning regulations. She also assured Budrow that in the future she would refrain from putting up signs next to the “silent policeman” in the center of the roundabout.