May 25, 2022

Congressman Courtney Goes Shopping for Holiday Gifts in Deep River

Joe Courtney and Dick Smith with Amy Fowler directing

Eastern Connecticut’s Congressman Joe Courtney put his money where his mouth is, when he visited Deep River on December 21, and bought a not inconsiderable number of holiday gifts. He made his holiday purchases at the town’s Deep River Toy Company, rather than shopping for gifts at one of the big box stores at the mall.

The Deep River Toy Company is located at 202 Main Street, just a little ways down from Walgreen’s, if you are going out of town towards Route 9. At the time of the Congressman’s visit, it was literally packed with people, not especially to see the Congressman, but rather to buy presents for friends and loved ones.

There was also a children’s choir on hand to greet the Congressman, directed with considerable animation by Deep River’s Amy Fowler. Ms Fowler is also the Director of the Tree House Players, a local performing group.

The owner of the Deep River Toy Company is the “super friendly” Janet Gessner.  By the time the Congressman had left her shop, he was carrying very respectable bundle of the store’s holiday gifts.

Shop owner Janet Gessner helps Joe Courtney shop

In an interview, after the children’s choir had stopped singing, and the Congressman had finished buying his presents, he was asked why he felt it was important during this holiday season “to buy local.”

In response the Congressman said, “I think that small businesses, just like the Deep River Toy Company, will lead the way to the recovery of the national economy.” “These small businesses,” he said, “have the connections with the local communities, not the big box stores in the malls.”

The Congressman, noting that Deep River First Selectman Dick Smith was also on hand, said of the First Selectman, “Dick Smith is the best. He really knows how important small business is.”