May 25, 2022

Letters: Essex Blood Drive Thanks

To The Editor:

We are writing to thank the many donors and volunteers who supported the blood drive at Essex Town Hall on December 2.  The goal was to collect 80 pints. Eighty-four pints were successfully donated.  We are fortunate that so many people in the area are personally dedicated to donating.  One person achieved the one-gallon mark; another received an 8 gallon pin. Eileen Patrie donated her 100th pint!  And there was one first-time donor.

Blood is always in short supply.  We are extremely gratified that so many recognize the ongoing need and are able to donate so that blood is available to transfuse those who are ill.

You may be surprised to learn that 19 volunteers were involved in this drive.  This includes friends who prepare the homemade goodies for the hospitality table as well as workers at the event.  In addition, we are very appreciative of the contributions made by local merchants.  Riggio’s Flower Shop donates roses for each of the drives, which we give to first-time donors and those who reach new “gallon” benchmarks.  IGA and the Knights of Columbus provide some of the food used to make sandwiches for the hospitality table.

We will be in touch for the next drive in Essex scheduled for February 3.


Dick and Linda Levene