September 24, 2022

Chester Democrats and Republicans Select Town Committees for 2012-2014

CHESTER— Town Democrats and Republicans have selected new town committees for the 2012-2014 term at recent party caucuses.

Democrats selected a 24-member town committee with ten new members. Incumbents returning to the town committee include Samuel Chorches, Lori Ann Clymas, Lawrence DiBernardo, Robert Gorman, Charlene Janecek, Henry Krempel, Justin Kronholm, James Miller, Isaac Ruiz, Sandra Senior-Dauer, Selectman Lawrence Sypher, John Yrchik, former Selectman Peter Zanardi, and Kurt Ziemann.

New members include First Selectman Edmund Meehan, who was elected to the town’s top job last November. Meehan’s election ended six years of Republican control of town hall that began with the election of former First Selectman Tom Marsh in 2005. Marsh resigned in August to take a job as town manager in Windsor, Vt.

Other new members are Robert Bibbiani, Joe Cohen, David Fitzgibbons, Errol Horner, Arthur Henick, Pantelis Kehayias, Suzane Levine, Margaret Meehan, and James Ready.

Incumbents leaving the town committee include former First Selectman Martin Heft, who was unseated by Marsh in 2005 after serving 12 years in the top job. Heft, an aide to Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman, moved to West Hartford last fall. Also leaving the town committee are Charles Della Rocco, Kristina Finnerty, Region 4 Board of Education member Elaine Fitzgibbons, Emily Maste4rs, Michael Peck, and Priscilla Robinson.

Town Republicans selected a 25-member town committee that includes five new members. Incumbents returning to the town committee include Joyce Aley, David Clark, Selectman Tom Englert, Terri Englert, Region 4 Board of Education member and current town chairman Mario Gioco, Laura Gioco, Victor Hoehnebart, John Huston, Alexa Jamieson, Joni Malcynski, Darolina Marguez-Sterling, Ashley Marsh, Karl Ohaus, Maria Ruberto, Kristian Seifert, Melvin Seifert, former Selectman Bruce Watrous, and Beverly Watrous.

New members are Jamie Grabowski, Jon Joslow, Tracy Ohaus, Jill Sakidovitch, and Brian Sakidovitch. Leaving the town committee are Marsh, Kathy Marsh, Frank Palka, and Betty Palka. The new town committees are seated in March, when the panels will elect officers for the 2012-2014 term.