June 5, 2020

Congressman Lauds Chester Aerospace Firm for Receiving Federal Award for Export Sales

AeroCision CEO Andrew Gibson accepting award from Congressman Courtney and trade rep. Evans

Congressman Joe Courtney visited the headquarters of the Chester based aerospace manufacturer, AeroCision, recently to attend a ceremony at which AeroCision received the United States, “Export Achievement Award.” The award was presented to the company for its success in achieving a total of $1 million in exports in the year 2011.

The award was personally presented to the firm by Anne S. Evans, Director of the Connecticut District Office of the U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce and eastern Connecticut Congressman Joe Courtney. It was accepted by Andrew J. Gibson, CEO of AeroCision.

“Here is a company that is absolutely competing and winning in export markets,” said Director Evans in presenting the award.

A statement issued by Congressman Courtney office provided background about the award:

“Last year Rep. Courtney and Anne Evans of the U.S. Department of Congress joined AeroCision representatives on a trade mission to the United Kingdom. During the trip, the company was able to solidify the international relationships and expand markets, boosting their overall exports from $300,000 in 2010 to $1 million in 2011.”

In the statement AeroCision CEO Andrew Gibson was quoted as saying, “When we were in the UK with Congressman Courtney, we were at a crucial point with Rolls Royce.”

Gibson continued, “The fact that I was in the UK with a member of the Armed Services Committee seeking global opportunities within the UK demonstrated our sincere commitment as a global supplier. The timing was perfect. The supply chain people at Rolls were impressed. In sum, the trip and our association with Department of Commerce added prestige and credibility at a critical time.”

AeroCision workers attended the ceremony enjoyed the lunch

The award ceremony was followed by a sandwich luncheon with many of the 60 AeroCision employees that work at the aerospace plant in Chester.

Congressman Courtney chows down with AeroCision workers

An AeroCision spokesman said that in connection with the trade mission to the UK, the company paid for all of the travel expenses of its employees in connection with the trip.